quarta-feira, dezembro 22, 2004

God Aproves The Booze

God Aproves The Booze

Woke up with a feeling that all the things she said
Were just silly talking conversation
Yeah, those things were just crap
So I took my coach and cigarretes, I was trying to get loose
But I crossed with Father Barry
And I'll tell you, he was in booze

He told me that this is very natural
And that sometimes we just wanna fuck it all

But he learned with the past
And he's not so upset
Cuz' he found a way to forget the regrets
Every night he laughts so loud
Because now hes very proud
He was the one who said

"-Things wont get better
Things are getting worst
But I got Jesus in a bag
To protect my six-pack"

And thats why God aproves the booze
God aproves the booze.

Acho que o Barata vai adorar!
Afinal, é pecado tirar sarro da cara de Deus, e falar que ele aprova a bebida.

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